Computer is Valuable, but Data is Priceless
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External Hard Drive

A computer is not a cheap think. The price of iMac is even higher than general PC. About a month ago right after the unexpected deletion of 40GB data, I found this sentence worth quoting: "Computer is Valuable, but Data is Priceless." Then, without any economic consideration, I bought an USB external hard drive, and make it backup all data right away.

The capacity of the hard drive is amazingly huge. A capacity of hundreds of gigabytes is nothing special. Anyone who likes me always thinks: "Anyway, there is space. Tell me when it's full." As a result, the number of folders grows fast. I can hardly remember what I have saved. The convenience of file search makes me overlook the important of folder structures. It never happened to me that I would delete a folder accidentally. Anyway, it happened, with the losing of a 40GB folder.

It would be all right if I deleted something petty. But the problem is I do not know what I have deleted. Realizing what mistake I have made, the first thing was shutdown my computer to keep disk records unchanged. After that, I started to look for rescue softwares on the Internet. Because of Mac, software supports are limited. Finally, I found Data Rescue II works.

Data Rescue II is a good software. As long as the format is not too special, any file can be saved. However, what it saves is the content of the file. Folder structures and file names are not including. Now I faced a new problem: What I have deleted is a 40GB folder. There were at least a hundred thousand files in it. Without file names I could hardly identify what they used to be. Anyway, I tried to save them all. The result was not encouraging. In addition to the 40GB folder, lots of deleted files were also saved. Which makes the problem even more complicated. I could never know what I have deleted.

I gave up at last! There is nothing to lose before I can recall what I have deleted. To avoid such tragedy, the best way is backing up synchronously. Consequently, I immediately bought this Seagate Free Agent external hard drive, and backed up with Time Machine software.

External Hard Drive

Keep in mind to use an empty hard drive if it's your first time using Time Machine. It will format your hard drive at the first time use. I did a whole system back up. It took me plenty of time copying around 250GB data. After the backup, I was finally relieved.

The look of Seagate Free Agent Desk serious is pretty. The outlook is simple and clear. The color is the similar to iMac. It looks good placing it next to my iMac. There are only two holes in the back. One is for USB connection, and the other is for power supply. There is no switch. It turns on when it is connected to computer. Besides, the signal light is blinking like someone breathing during data transferring. The noise is the only thing I can critique. Hope Seagate will fix it in the next generation external hard drive.

It is easy to work with Time Machine, too. I have deliberately deleted a file after backing up, and recovered it with Time Machine. Time Machine does more than just recovery. It also freezes the folder structures and arrangement of files. That's amazing!

As declared in Time Machine: hourly backups for the past 24 hours; daily backups for the past month; weekly backups until your backup disk is full. Until I can afford the expensive real time backup device, Time Machine is just fine with my requirement. It is simple to use. You will forget it if you use.

If you value your data, make it back up NOW!

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